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Week of Caring 2014

The Day of Caring was established in 2008 by the United Way of Greater Augusta to promote the spirit and value of volunteerism, increase the awareness of local human service agencies and schools, and demonstrate what people working together for the community's good can accomplish.

Day/ Week of Caring is a community wide day that is set aside for those in the community to give back by volunteering to perform tasks throughout their community. Opportunities including landscaping, painting, cleaning, helping seniors, preparing and delivering meals, and various other volunteer opportunities.

Due to the great amount of participation on this day, United Way of Greater Augusta has decided to extend the Day of Caring to a Week of Caring during the 40th Anniversary of National Service Week, April 6-12 2014 to encourage volunteers to take action in their communities and be at the center of social change. 

During the Week of Caring, there are seven days that agencies and volunteers can choose from to participate. Now agencies and volunteers have the choice to choose a day to volunteer that is convenient for them to allow more volunteers to participate. Agencies are also welcome to have more than one project during the week, and volunteers have the option to participate in more than one project as well. During the Week of Caring, Agencies and Volunteers have the opportunity to have 1-14 projects. 

Agencies: Agencies can have more than one project during the Week of Caring. For example, one project each day of the week if they are full day projects. If an agency has half day projects, they can have two projects a day. Half day projects are 1-3 hours. Full day projects are 4-6 hours.

Each project must be submitted individually. 

Volunteers: Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in more than one project during the Week of Caring. They have an option to do one 4-6 hour full day project a day, or two 1-3 hour half day projects a day during the week.

Each volunteer opportunity must be signed up for individually. 
Only online registration will be accepted.

It is the policy of this organization to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability.


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